A woman’s wardrobe is an expression of herself and an opportunity to stand out and make a powerful impact in the world. “Nishba” derived from the Arabic word means “light”. It inspires inquisitiveness, dedication and humility. At Nishba, we aim to create a modern Indian lifestyle among women. Our collections are influenced by modesty which allows women to feel fashionably feminine and unique in their own way. India’s fashion heritage is rich in tradition, vibrant in colours and prepossessing. The quench for the ultimate perfection plays a great deal in our choice of beautifully coloured dramatic and sensuous garments. At Nishba, each garment is a product of dedicated work and craftsmanship and tells a unique story. Our collections are a fusion of Indo-western clothing, comfortably combining sets of daily wear and party wear line. Our garments are made with love and proudly designed and manufactured in India. Our philosophy is simple; we make products that are designed to last, inspired by the rich Indian culture & materials and influenced by the latest trends. We believe in creating a sustainable and ethical living for our crafts, people and planet. We practice processes that are environmentally conscious, innovative yet grounded to the roots. Our Fabrics, mulmul and mulsilk are a celebration of centuries old tradition and the authenticity of Indian culture. We wish for you to express your uniqueness, feel light and elevate your day to day lives with our clothing.


Inspired by the Indian heritage, Nisha Khemani has always been driven to discover the intricacy and details about culture and fashion. Her design sense is reflective of eye for detail and an obsession for creating beautiful garments. Bold bright colours and shapes as well as aesthetic elements derive from her admiration of Indian motifs used across its golden heritage. Her collection incorporates fusion of colours along with the current trends. Nisha’s ambition with her label NISHBA is to produce clothing that people will want to wear in everyday life. Very comfortable, yet stylish—these qualities have always been the goal of her designs.

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